Radiance OpenSource License Agreement



Main Distribution

The official LBNL Radiance distribution as of November 5,2023 is version 5.4.

To compile from source you will need the following file which contains both source code and auxiliary files: rad5R4all.tar.gz

The following file contains just source code: rad5R4.tar.gz

The following file contains just the auxiliary files: rad5R4supp.tar.gz

You will still need to unpack the distribution to get the library files and example scenes, running "makeall library". Users who do not have the above systems will have to compile Radiance using the makeall script by running "makeall install".
(See the README file for details, and pay special attention to setting the RAYPATH environment variable.)


User Contributions

Unofficial contributions have been sorted into the following categories:

*    Generators - programs to generate Radiance input
*    Libraries - collections of Radiance patterns, textures, etc.
*    Models - complete Radiance scene descriptions
*    Objects - individual Radiance objects (including CSAIL data)
*    Pictures - finished Radiance renderings, in RGBE format
*    Programs - miscellaneous programs and utilities
*    Translators - translators to and from Radiance input and output

Addtional work and contributions, mailing lists, CVS source tree, and bug-fixes are available from the radiance-online website:


If you are interested in the latest news and Unix bug reports, please subscribe to the radiance-general mailing list at the above site. If you are interested in helping in Radiance OpenSource development efforts, please subscribe also to the radiance-dev mailing list.


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