Index of pub/libraries/

 Rad_skies.tar.Z        18-May-93 00:17     1M  Simon Crone's collection of nice skies
 gward.tar.Z            08-Nov-95 14:23     9M  Greg Ward's supplementary library
 pdbourke.tar.Z         03-Oct-91 05:14     4K  Paul Bourke's patterns


This directory contains favorite library files (a.k.a. auxiliary files)
used by Radiance, including procedural patterns and textures, scanned
patterns, fonts, compiled objects and so on.

Each file in this directory is a compressed tar file with the name of
the person or entity who made the contribution.  These files should
unpack to create a directory by the same name containing the various
submission that person or entity has to offer.  There should also be
included a README file saying what each file is.

When naming auxiliary files, the following conventions should be
followed as closely as possible.  Files with the ".cal" suffix specify
procedural patterns, textures and coordinate mappings.  Files with the
".fnt" suffix are font descriptions.  Files with the ".oct" suffix are
compiled scene descriptions for use in instances.  Files with the
".pic" suffix are images for patterns.  Pictures for use as patterns
are normalized to a value of 1 rather than the more usual .5, and must
be displayed with the -e -1 option.  This is so the material
reflectance given in the scene description holds true.  The exception
to this is pictures that are not meant to be used as repeated patterns,
but instead as paintings or pictures to hang on the wall.

If you wish to make a contribution to this directory, please look at
the tar file gward.tar.Z as a model.