Index of pub/models/

 bath.tar.Z             15-Sep-95 10:54   306K  
 conf.tar.Z             23-Dec-91 13:48   275K  
 cruiser.tar.Z          15-Aug-95 12:19   943K  
 cubspace.tar.Z         11-Nov-91 00:35    32K  
 invplace.tar.Z         14-Aug-95 13:32   352K  
 mmack.tar.Z            13-Aug-97 17:39   472K  
 podlife.tar.Z          28-May-91 02:00    11K  
 soda.tar.Z             28-May-91 02:00    17K  
 townhouse.tar.Z        09-Aug-93 17:39   757K  


This directory contains complete Radiance scene descriptions with
the necessary makefiles for rebuilding the octrees and rendering
the scene with rview from a good viewpoint.  These models are
stored as compressed tar files that unpack to a directory with
all the required input and auxiliary files.

Here is a list of models currently offered:

bath.tar.Z     - Modest bathroom model by Greg Ward
conf.tar.Z     - LBL conference room by Anat Grynberg and Greg Ward
cruiser.tar.Z  - Lower deck of US Navy cruiser by Saba Rofchaei & Greg Ward
cubspace.tar.Z - Cubicle office space by Anat Grynberg and Greg Ward
invplace.tar.Z - Inventure Place model by Charles Ehrlich
mmack.tar.Z     - Candlestick Point SRA Theater by Charles Ehrlich, et. al.
podlife.tar.Z  - Whale sculpture by Cindy Larson and Greg Ward
soda.tar.Z     - Ice cream store by Greg Ward
townhouse.tar.Z        - Model of a townhouse by Paul Bourke

If you are making a submission, please do what is necessary to make
the first paragraph true.  Please do not include any octrees or large
images of your model, since they require too much storage space.  You may
follow the example in podlife.tar.Z.