Index of pub/pics/

 Rice1.pic              12-Feb-92 09:10   362K  Overview of Rice campus
 atrium.pic             10-Aug-92 10:04   320K  Atrium with sculpture
 book.pic               10-Aug-92 10:03   541K  Book with specular glare
 draftoff.pic           24-Jan-92 09:08   512K  Drafting office
 jmardaljevic.tar       18-Nov-93 18:51     6M  John Mardaljevic's picture collection
 office.pic             10-Aug-92 10:03   414K  Example office space
 radad.pic              10-Aug-92 10:04   352K  Radiance advertizement
 textures.pic           02-Aug-93 09:53   566K  Three kinds of spheres


This directory contains contributed Radiance picture files, which may
be displayed under X11 using the "ximage" program included in the standard
distribution.  Radiance pictures may also be translated to a number of
other image formats, though most of them lose the physical, floating-point
information in the renderings.

If you would like to make a contribution, simply drop your file(s) into
this directory.  Tar files are best, since they enable you to include
appropriate README's and whatever else you would like to add.