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- A -

A COMPANY CALLED RADIANCE Not mine -- someone else's!
ALG Secondary source calculations and new algorithms
ALIASING Aliasing and image representation
ALIASING Anti-aliasing in Radiance (again?)
ANIMATION FEATURES (LACKING) - What Radiance can and cannot do
AMBIENT BOUNCES Sorting out some test results
AMBIENT VALUES Setting the ambient value (-av parameter)
AMBIENT_FILES Using ambient files
AMIGA Radiance on the Amiga 2000
AMIGA PORT Reorganized Amiga port
AMIGA_PORT New port available for Amiga
ANIMATION Steps towards walk-through animations
ANIMATION SPLINES Using Catmull-Rolm splines for camer animation
ANTIMATTER How to use antimatter type
ANTIMATTER MODIFIER LOOPS - "possible modifier loop" error
ARCH Architrion file translator
ART Radiance in the arts
ASPECT Aspect ratios and pfilt options
ATMOS Simulating Atmospheric Effects
AUTOCAD CMU work on a new AutoCAD translator
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- B -

BACKGROUND COLOR Setting the background in a scene
BACKGROUND_COLOR Changing the background color
BRIGHTNESS MAPPING Going from simulation to display
BRIGHTNESS MAPPING Mapping luminance to display values
BUG A memory bug in rpict
BUMP MAPS - Converting height-field to texdata
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- C -

CAD TRANSLATORS How to get to Radiance from CAD systems
COLOR Dealing with different color formats
COLOR AND REFLECTANCE- CIE -> RGB and reflectance models
COLORED LIGHT SOURCES - accounting for colored light sources
COLORPICT Using the Colorpict primitive
COMPILATION QUESTIONS Problems compiling on NeXT and with GNU-C
COMPILE Compile problems related to X11 and malloc.c
COMPILE PROBLEMS ANSI-C compilation trauma
COMPILE SWITCHES What are all those things in makeall?
COMPUTING REFLECTANCES - what is the total reflectance of a material?
CONSTANTS Constant expressions in .cal files
COURSE Radiance course possibility
CSG Using antimatter type for destructive solid geometry
CSG Constructive Solid Geometry (not)
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- D -

DAYF Daylight factors and unknown programs
DAYLIGHT Radiance and Daylight Simulation
DAYLIGHT Daylight Scripts and TIM's
DAYLIGHT CALCULATIONS - Daylight and sky simulation
DAYLIGHTING Various daylight-related topics
DAYLIGHT_SIMULATION Understanding daylight simulation options
DEBUGGING FUNCTION FILES - How to debug .cal files
DECSTATION Problems running on DECstations
DESIGN WORKSHOP - Using DesignWorkshop as input to Radiance
DEPTH OF FIELD Simulating depth of field
DOS Radiance under DOS?
DRIVER Radiance display drivers
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- E -

EXTENDING RADIANCE How to add materials/surfaces to Radiance
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- F -

FALSECOLOR IN BLACK AND WHITE Getting B&W display from falsecolor
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- G -

GENERAL Some general questions about global illumination and rendering
GENERATORS Some new generator contributions
GENSKY Getting gensky to mimic a measured sky
GENSKY AND COLOR How to color the sky and ground
GENSURF New gensurf capabilities and making teapots
GEOM Geometric Primitives in Radiance
GEOMETRIC MODELERS - What to use with Radiance?
GETTING STARTED Documentation and modeling without CAD
GLASS BRICKS Modeling glass bricks
GLOW Details on glow type definition
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- H -

HEIGHT FIELDS How to use gensurf to create height fields
HEIGHT_FIELDS Generating colored height fields
HERMITE CUBIC FUNCTIONS - How to specify Hermite curves
HPUX Hewlett-Packard UNIX and Radiance 1.4
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- I -

IES SOURCES The standard IES format and source library
ILLUMINATION MAPS - Applying Radiance results to polygons
IMAGES Image Translators and Animations
IMAGES Image formats, gamma correction, contrast and colors
SHARED IMAGES Some pictures to share by J. Mardaljevic
INFRARED Using Radiance in infrared spectrum
INST Installation of 1.4 and associated problems
INSTANCES Octree instancing problems
INTERACTIVE_WALKTHROUGHS Generating interactive walkthroughs
INTERN Radiance internals (image.c)
INTERREFLECTION Diffuse interreflection accuracy
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- J -

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- K -

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- L -

LANGUAGE Radiance input language definitions
LARGE Large Radiance Models
LENSES - Correct modeling of caustics
LIB Setting up the library path variable RAYPATH
LIGHT Pfilt and ies2rad light sources
LIGHT SOURCE ACCURACY Near-field accuracy test of light sources
LIGHTING CALCULATIONS Lighting and daylighting questions
LIGHT SOURCES Problems with light sources
LIGHTS Non-standard Light Sources
LOCK MANAGER Problem with rpiece/rpict on some machines
LUM Computing luminance and daylight factors
LUMFACTOR Change in luminous efficacy factor
LUMINAIRE MODELING Modeling unusual luminaire geometry
LUMINOUS_EFFICACY Change in luminous efficacy between 1.4 and 2.0
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- M -

MAC MacIntosh and Radiance
MAPPING BARK TO BRANCHES How patterns map to cylinders
MATERIAL MIXTURES - Modeling inhomogeneous materials
MATERIALS Several related materials questions
MEMORY USAGE Memory used by rpict and oconv
MIRROR ABUSE - What happens in a perfect funhouse?
MIST - questions about the new mist type
MKILLUM New program for computing distributions
MKILLUM QUESTIONS - how best to apply mkillum to daylighting
MODELING Textures, Surfaces and Lights
MODELING A LASER How to model laser light sources
MODELING STARS - Modeling a starry sky
MODELS Modeling software
MODELS Picking up and dropping off 3d models
MOLEC Molecular modeling using Radiance
MUNGING PICTURE HEADERS How to change the header on a picture
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- N -

NEW BRTDFUNC AND NEON An extended reflectance type and neon lights
NEXT Radiance compilation on the NeXT
NIGHTTIME Rendering night time images
NOISE_FUNCTIONS Fractal vs. Perlin noise functions
NUMERICAL OUTPUT Calculating point illuminances
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- O -

OBJVIEW Using objview to look at a single object
OCONV Oconv parameters and errors
OCONV SET OVERFLOW What causes "set overflow" error in oconv?
OPACITY MAPPING - using mixfunc to make holey materials
OPENWINDOWS Some nice additions for Sun's Open Windows
OPTIONS New options and programs (-p, -z, pinterp)
OUT Using Radiance to compute a simple outdoor scene
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- P -

PARALLEL RADIANCE AND ANIMATIONS New features of 2.3 and animation
PART Partitioned ray tracing using -vs and -vl
PARTICIPATING_MEDIA Smoke and fog simulation
PATTERNS Mapping patterns onto surfaces PCOMPOS Overcoming pcompos input limits
PENUMBRAS Penumbras and source sampling
PENUMBRAS Generating accurate penumbras
PHONG Phong surface normal interpolation
PICTURE Radiance Picutre file format
PINTERP Uses for the Pinterp Program
PHOTOMETRIC UNITS AND COLOR - Converting to and from lighting units
PORT Portability Issues (on the long side)
PREVW X11 previewer for Radiance
PROCEDURAL TEXTURES - displacement mapping and efficiency issues
PROGRAM NAMING Radiance program name collisions
PVALUE Getting values from pictures
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- Q -

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- R -

RA_PICT Transferring output of ra_pict to Macintosh
RAD PROBLEMS Strange behavior with rad program
RADIANCE PORTS - Ports to the Amiga and Macintosh
RADIANCE VS. POV AND RENDERMAN - Crude analysis of program diff's
RADIANCE VS. POV-RAY - Detailed comparison between these packages
REFLECTION MODEL - Understanding Radiance's reflection model
RENDERING PARAMETERS - Q&A on rpict and rad parameters
RETROREFLECTIVE SURFACES - Modeling retroreflection
RETROREFLECTORS Modeling SAE reflectors
RPIECE - best use questions for parallel rendering
RPICT Rpict options
RPICT PARAMETERS A couple questions answered re. rpict
RPICT_PARAMETERS What are the useful ranges of rpict parameters?
RS6000 Compiling Radiance on the IBM RS/6000
RTRACE QUESTIONS - using the -I option and computing radiosities
RVIEW Rview and memory
RVIEW SURFACE NORMALS Learning about surface normals in rview
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- S -

SCENE_FLATTENING Flatting Radiance scene descriptions
SENSITIVITY RUNS Ambient (-a*) parameters and accuracy
SETTINGS AND ACCURACY How renderer settings map to accuracy
SGI BUG - Core dumps on IRIX 5.x
SGI GAMMA Correct gamma setting on Silicon Graphics
SHARED_PICTURES Sharing picture files
SIG Questions about `88 Siggraph paper
SIZE Modifiying source for huge scenes
SKY SOURCES AND RGB Dealing with the sky and what is RGB, anyway?
SMLFLT_OPTION Problems with SMLFLT compile switch in 2.0
SOLAR ECLIPSE Sampling a solar penumbra
SPEC Spectral distributions curves
SPECTRAL_COLORS Multi-spectral sampling
SPECKLE Source of image speckle
SPECULAR APPROXIMATION Fresnel approximation changes
SPECULARITY_BUG Bug in specular highlights of 2.0
SPOTLIGHTS Questions about spotlight type
STAR FILTER Using pfilt star filter in animations
STRANGE_VIEWS Methods for generating odd images
SUMANT Sumant Pattanaik's contributions
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- T -

TMESH2RAD New triangle mesh converter
TEXDATA Using the texdata type for bump mapping
TRANS_MATERIAL Setting parameters for "trans" type
TRANS PARAMETERS Making sense of trans primitive
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- U -

UPFRONT_TRANSLATOR Translator now available for Alias UpFront!
USER INTERFACE Advice on creating a user interface
USING BRDF DATA How to apply BRDF data in Radiance
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- V -

VIDEO Simulating video photography with Radiance
VIEW_ANGLES Computing -vh and -vv parameters
VIEW_INFO Getting view information from files
VISION Vision-3D modeler for the MacIntosh
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- W -

WATER Modeling water
WIREFRAME Generating wireframe renderings w/o CAD
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- X -

X11_ERROR Rview "cannot open command line..."
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- Y -

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- Z -

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- # -

3D STUDIO - translating from 3D Studio to Radiance
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