Alphabetical list of all RADIANCE programs

arch2rad convert Architrion text file to RADIANCE description
bgraph do a set of batch graphs to a metafile
bsdf2klems generate XML Klems matrix description of a BSDF
bsdf2rad create a RADIANCE visualization of a BSDF representation
bsdf2ttree generate XML tensor tree description of a BSDF
bsdfview view a BSDF representation
cnt index counter
compamb compute good ambient value for a rad input file
cv convert between metafile formats
dayfact compute illuminance and daylight factor on workplane
dcglare compute glare in annual simulation time-step(s) via matrix
dctimestep compute annual simulation time-step(s) via matrix multiplication
dgraph do a set of graphs to a dumb terminal
epw2wea weather file converter
ev evaluate expressions
fieldcomb combine two or more field frames for video animation
findglare locate glare sources in a RADIANCE scene
gcomp do computations on a graph file.
genBSDF generate BSDF description from Radiance or MGF input
genblinds generate a RADIANCE description of venetian blinds
genbox generate a RADIANCE or Wavefront description of a box
genclock generate a RADIANCE description of a clock
gendaymtx generate an annual Perez sky matrix from a weather tape
genklemsamp generate ray samples over surfaces using Klems BSDF basis
genprism generate a RADIANCE description of a prism
genrev generate a RADIANCE description of surface of revolution
gensky generate a RADIANCE description of the sky
genskyvec compute patch radiance averages for a specific sky
gensurf generate a RADIANCE or Wavefront description of a curved surface
genworm generate a RADIANCE description of a functional worm
getbbox compute bounding box for RADIANCE scene
getinfo get header information from a RADIANCE file
glare perform glare and visual comfort calculations
glarendx calculate glare index
glrad render a RADIANCE scene using OpenGL
histo compute 1-dimensional histogram of N data columns
icalc interactive calculator
igraph interactive graphing program
lampcolor compute spectral radiance for diffuse emitter
libmeta.a simplified interface to metafile(5)
lookamb examine ambient file values
macbethcal compute color compensation based on measured Macbeth chart
meta simplified interface to metafile(5)
meta2bmp convert metafile to Windows Bitmap (BMP) File
meta2tga convert metafile to Targa image format
metafile graphics command interface, similar to plot(5)
mgf2meta convert Materials and Geometry Format file to Metafile graphics
mgf2rad convert Materials and Geometry Format file to RADIANCE description
mkillum compute illum sources for a RADIANCE scene
mkpmap generate RADIANCE photon map
mksource compute distant sources for RADIANCE image-based lighting
neaten neaten up output columns
normpat normalize RADIANCE pictures for use as patterns.
normtiff tone-map and convert RADIANCE picture or HDR TIFF to standard TIFF
obj2mesh create a compiled RADIANCE mesh file from Wavefront .OBJ input
obj2rad convert Wavefront .OBJ file to RADIANCE description
objline create metafile line drawings of RADIANCE object(s)
objview view RADIANCE object(s)
oconv create an octree from a RADIANCE scene description
pabopto2bsdf convert BSDF measurements to a scattering interpolant representation
pabopto2xyz convert a collection of single-channel BSDF measurements to CIE-XYZ colorimetry
pcomb combine RADIANCE pictures
pcompos composite RADIANCE pictures.
pcond condition a RADIANCE picture for output
pdfblur generate views for depth-of-field blurring
pexpand expand requested commands in metafile
pextrem find minimum and maximum values in RADIANCE picture
pfilt filter a RADIANCE picture
pflip flip a RADIANCE picture.
phisto compute a luminance histogram from one or more RADIANCE pictures
pinterp interpolate/extrapolate view from pictures
pkgBSDF package BSDFs provided as XML for Radiance
plotin convert plot(5) to metafile(5) primitives
pmapdump generate RADIANCE scene description or point list representing
pmblur generate views for camera motion blurring
pmblur2 apply motion blur to a frame from an animation
pmdblur generate views for combined camera motion and depth blurring
protate rotate a RADIANCE picture.
psign produce a RADIANCE picture from text.
psketch apply non-photorealistic rendering to select objects in picture
psmeta convert metafile to PostScript
psort sort primitives in metafile as requested
pvalue convert RADIANCE picture to/from alternate formats
ra_bmp convert RADIANCE picture to/from Windows BMP image
ra_gif convert RADIANCE picture to Compuserve GIF
ra_pict convert Radiance pictures to Macintosh PICT files
ra_ppm convert RADIANCE picture to/from a Poskanzer Portable Pixmap
ra_ps convert RADIANCE picture to a PostScript file
ra_rgbe convert between different RADIANCE picture types
ra_t16 convert RADIANCE picture to/from Targa 16 or 24-bit image file
ra_t8 convert RADIANCE picture to/from Targa 8-bit image file
ra_tiff convert RADIANCE picture to/from a TIFF color or greyscale image
ra_xyze convert between RADIANCE RGBE and XYZE formats
rad render a RADIANCE scene
rad2mgf convert RADIANCE scene description to Materials and Geometry Format
raddepend find RADIANCE scene dependencies
ran2tiff expose and convert a RADIANCE animation to TIFF frames
ranimate compute a RADIANCE animation
ranimove render a RADIANCE animation with motion
rcalc record calculator
rcode2bmp convert identifier, depth, and normal maps to BMP images
rcode_depth encode/decode 16-bit depth map
rcode_ident store identifiers in an indexed map and retrieve from same
rcode_norm encode/decode 32-bit surface normal map
rcollate resize or re-order matrix data
rcontrib compute contribution coefficients in a RADIANCE scene
rcrop crop RADIANCE matrix or picture
replmarks replace triangular markers in a RADIANCE scene description
rfluxmtx compute flux transfer matrix(es) for RADIANCE scene
rhcopy copy ray information into a holodeck
rhinfo print information about a RADIANCE holodeck file
rholo generate/view a RADIANCE holodeck
rhoptimize optimize beam locations in holodeck file
rhpict render a RADIANCE picture from a holodeck file
rlam laminate records from multiple files
rmtxop concatenate, add, multiply, divide, transpose, scale, and convert matrices
robjutil operate on Wavefront .OBJ file
rpict generate a RADIANCE picture
rpiece render pieces of a RADIANCE picture
rsensor compute sensor signal from a RADIANCE scene
rsplit splits standard input into multiple output files or streams
rtpict generate a RADIANCE picture or layered image using rtrace
rtrace trace rays in RADIANCE scene
rvu generate RADIANCE images interactively
tabfunc convert table to functions for rcalc, etc.
tmesh2rad convert a triangular mesh to a RADIANCE scene description
total sum up columns
trad graphical user interface to Radiance rad(1) program
ttyimage RADIANCE driver for dumb ASCII terminal
vwrays compute rays for a given picture or view
vwright normalize a RADIANCE view, shift it to the right
wrapBSDF put XML wrapper around WINDOW6 BSDF data
x11meta output metafile graphics to X11
xform transform a RADIANCE scene description
xglaresrc dislpay glare sources under X11
ximage RADIANCE picture display for X window system
xshowtrace interactively show rays traced on RADIANCE image under X11