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In addition to the individuals listed in this directory, Veronika Summerauer did much of the initial work on this web site, and Patrick Sibenaler converted many of the man pages.

Raphaël Compagnon

In addition to being the main contributor to the original Radiance web site, Dr. Compagnon developed a new variety of daylighting system called "anidolic daylighting systems" using the nonimaging optics theoretical framework. He helped develop Adeline software that includes Radiance and wrote a tutorial entitled "RADIANCE: A Simulation Tool for Daylighting Systems"

Dr. Raphaël Compagnon
Département d'Architecture
Ecole d'Ingénieurs de Fribourg
Bd. de Pérolles 80
1705 Fribourg, Switzerland
Tel: +41 26 429 6666 or +41 26 429 6611
Fax: +41 26 429 6600

Biography: Raphaël Compagnon
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Charles Ehrlich

Heschong Mahone Group
Project Manager
Tel (916) 962-7001

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Daniel Fuller

Danny is the graphic designer for the web site.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Building Technologies, Research Assoc./Tech.
Mail Stop 90-3111

(510) 486-6496

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Judy Lai

Currenly on staff for Radiance support

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road
Mail Stop 90-3111
Berkeley, CA 94720

(510) 486-4474

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Greg Ward

The Granddaddy of Radiance

Gregory Ward (a.k.a. Larson)
WWW: Greg Ward
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