Greg Ward (Larson)

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Gregory Ward, a.k.a. Greg Ward Larson, is an independent consultant working in Albany, CA. Previously, he has been a consultant at Exponent - Failure Analysis Assoc., a member of the technical staff at Shutterfly, Inc. and at Silicon Graphics, Inc. Before all that, he was a staff scientist here at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He graduated with an A.B. in Physics in 1983 from the University of California at Berkeley, and earned his Master's in Computer Science from San Francisco State University in 1985. Greg has published numerous papers in computer graphics and illumination engineering. He is also the inventor of an imaging gonioreflectometer for the measurement of reflectance of architectural materials, and the developer of the Materials and Geometry Format for lighting information exchange.


Primary author.

Greg wrote the core and bulk of Radiance, which has apparently and quite inadvertantly turned out to be his life's work.

Professional Interests

Digital photography and image standards, physically based and image based rendering, global and local illumination, luminaire simulation, electronic data standards, and lighting-related energy and environmental conservation issues.

Unprofessional Interests

Friends, family, and music (listening only, in deference to the first two).