MGF Example Objects


Click here to download (5k). Click here for corresponding IESNA95 luminaire file (3k).

A direct/indirect light fixture. This file was hand-built, and best demonstrates the capabilities and features of the MGF language.

Stained Glass Butterfly

Click here to download (25k).

Butterfly model designed by Elsa Schmid and converted to MGF by Alan Heirich.

Library 1

Click here to download (156k).

This library of objects was culled from several Radiance scene descriptions. The renderings shown here were generated by Radiance from the original descriptions, and bear in mind that MGF does not currently support textures.


Click here to download (21k).

A simple computer monitor, created by Saba Rofchaei using Vision 3D.

Solstice Tree

Click here to download (26k).

A winter solstice tree with trimmings. The surrounding scene is not included. This model makes heavy use of the MGF include entity (i), and may expand into something huge, containing over 365,000 surface primitives (mostly cones). Therefore, this model is a good test of the ability of software to handle instancing and/or scene complexity.

Greg Ward / LBL /