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obj_handler, obj_clear, obj_nnames, obj_name - object name support


int obj_handler( int argc, char **argv )

void obj_clear( void )

extern int obj_nnames

extern char **obj_name


The obj_handler routine should be assigned to the MG_E_OBJECT entry of the parser's mg_ehand array prior to calling mg_load if the loader/translator wishes to support hierarchical object names.

The obj_clear function may be used to clear the object name stack and free any associated memory, but this is usually not necessary since o begin and end entities are normally balanced in the input.

The global obj_nnames variable indicates the number of names currently in the object stack, and the obj_name list contains the name strings in the same order as they were encountered on the input. (I.e. the most recently pushed name is last.)


The obj_handler function returns MG_OK (0) if the color is handled correctly, or one of the predefined error values if there is a problem. (See the mg_load page for a list of errors.)


mg_init, mg_load, xf_handler