Ignoring new entities.

If an old version of the MGF parser encounters new entities it does not recognize, the default action is to ignore them, printing a warning message. This may be overridden to support custom entities, but such practice is discouraged because it weakens the standard.

IESNA Publication LM-63.

To obtain the latest version of this standard for luminaire data, write to:
	Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
	345 East 47th St.
	New York, NY  10017.

MGF Identifier.

A name in MGF is any sequence of printing, non-white ASCII characters beginning with a letter.

Rendering Polygons with Seams.

For systems that are sensitive to seam position, it is probably safest for their MGF loader/translator to re-expresses seams in terms of holes again, which can be done easily so long as vertices are shared in the fashion shown.