mgfilt - get usable MGF entities from input


mgfilt version [ input .. ]


mgfilt e1,e2,.. [ input .. ]


Mgfilt takes one or more MGF input files and converts all the entities to the types listed. In the first form, a single integer is given for the version of MGF that is to be produced. Since MGF is in its first major release, this is not yet a useful form, but it will be when the second major release comes out. This has the necessary side-effect of expanding all included files. (See the i entity.)

In the second form, mgfilt produces only the entities listed in the first argument, which must be comma-separated. The listed entity order is not important, but all entities given must be defined in the current version of MGF. Unknown entities will be summarily discarded on the input, and a warning message will be printed to the standard error.


To take an MGF version 3 file and send it to a version 2 translator:
	mgfilt 2 input.mgf | mgf2rad > input.rad
To take an MGF file and produce only flat polygonal faces with no materials:
	mgfilt f,v,p,xf input.mgf > flatpoly.mgf


i, mgf2rad, mgf2inv, rad2mgf