Conference Room Model README

This directory contains MGF input files for a conference room and five possible lighting systems. The data originated from the WWW site:
The above site also contains numerous renderings and measurements (captured images) of this space, and a parser for the MGF scene format. This data is provided for comparison, validation and experimentation with different lighting simulation and rendering packages, and comes without warranty or recommendation.

The files in this directory are named below:

	README		This file
	basic.mgf	The basic conference room model, sans lighting
	df.mgf		The direct fluorescent lighting system
	dfl.mgf		MGF file referenced in df.mgf
	dif.mgf		The direct/indirect fluorescent lighting system
	difl.mgf	MGF file referenced in dif.mgf
	dl.mgf		The downlights
	dl0.mgf		Downlights, switched off
	dll.ies		IES file referenced in dl.mgf
	f0.mgf		Fluorescent fixtures, switched off
	if.mgf		The indirect fluorescent lighting system
	ifl.mgf		MGF file referenced in if.mgf
	materials.mgf	The materials required by all
	ww.mgf		The wall-washers
	ww0.mgf		Wall-washers, switched off
	wwl.ies		IES file referenced in ww.mgf
Here is a list of configurations whose simulations and measurements have been provided, and the corresponding input file combinations:

	Model ID	Description		Input Files
	________	___________		___________

	df+dl+ww	Direct fluorescents,	materials.mgf basic.mgf
			downlights and		df.mgf dl.mgf ww.mgf

	df+ww		Direct fluorescents	materials.mgf basic.mgf
			and wall-washers	df.mgf dl0.mgf ww.mgf

	df		Direct fluorescents	materials.mgf basic.mgf
						df.mgf dl0.mgf ww0.mgf

	dif+dl+ww	Direct/indirect		materials.mgf basic.mgf
			fluorescents,		dif.mgf dl.mgf ww.mgf
			downlights and

	dif+ww		Direct/indirect		materials.mgf basic.mgf
			fluorescents and	dif.mgf dl0.mgf ww.mgf

	dif		Direct/indirect		materials.mgf basic.mgf
			fluorescents		dif.mgf dl0.mgf ww0.mgf

	dl		Downlights		materials.mgf basic.mgf
						f0.mgf dl.mgf ww0.mgf

	if+dl+ww	Indirect fluorescents,	materials.mgf basic.mgf
			downlights and		if.mgf dl.mgf ww.mgf

	if+dl		Indirect fluorescents	materials.mgf basic.mgf
			and downlights		if.mgf dl.mgf ww0.mgf

	if+ww		Indirect fluorescents	materials.mgf basic.mgf
			and wall-washers	if.mgf dl0.mgf ww.mgf

	if		Indirect fluorescents	materials.mgf basic.mgf
						if.mgf dl0.mgf ww0.mgf

	ww		Wall-washers		materials.mgf basic.mgf
						f0.mgf dl0.mgf ww.mgf