Conference Room Images README

The meas data set contains the CapCalc measurements of the conference room under different lighting conditions as indicated by the file names. (See listing below.) The simu data set contains the Radiance simulations of these same configurations. The radims data set contains the original Radiance color pictures.

All of the files in the meas and simu data sets end in .bin and are in binary, 512x360 4-byte/pixel IEEE floating point format. Each floating point value represents the luminance at that pixel in cd/m^2. All of the files in the radims data set end in .pic and are in uncompressed Radiance RGBE (red,green,blue,exponent) picture format. They can be displayed with the Radiance "ximage" program. (See the URL "" for details on how to obtain this free package.) They may also be converted to and from the binary IEEE floating point format as follows:

	% pvalue -h -H -b -df -o +e .0055866 image.pic > image.bin
	% pvalue -r -h -b -df -y 360 +x 512 +e 179 image.bin > image.pic
There are 36 files in each data set, 3 views of each of 12 different lighting configurations. The RADIANCE perspective view parameters for each view are:

Left:	-vp 1.822 .153 1.187 -vd -.317 .948 .019 -vh 35 -vv 25 -vl -.033
Middle:	-vp 1.822 .153 1.187 -vd -.017 .999 .051 -vh 35 -vv 25 -vl -.033
Right:	-vp 1.822 .153 1.187 -vd .244 .970 .020 -vh 35 -vv 25 -vl -.033
Where -vp x y z indicates the view origin, -vd dx dy dz indicates the view direction vector, -vh hang and -vv vang indicate the horizontal and vertical view angles (full angles in degrees) and -vl vdist indicates the vertical shift in the image perspective (sliding the image downward from the center of the view pyramid a distance of .033 times the image height).

The images are named as follows:

Root filename	Configuration
=============	=============
df+dl+ww_l	direct fluorescents + downlights + wall-washers, left
df+dl+ww_m	direct fluorescents + downlights + wall-washers, middle
df+dl+ww_r	direct fluorescents + downlights + wall-washers, right
df+ww_l		direct fluorescents + wall-washers, left
df+ww_m		direct fluorescents + wall-washers, middle
df+ww_r		direct fluorescents + wall-washers, right
df_l		direct fluorescents + wall-washers, left
df_m		direct fluorescents, middle
df_r		direct fluorescents, right
dif+dl+ww_l	direct/indirect fluorescents + downlights + wall-washers, left
dif+dl+ww_m	direct/indirect fluorescents + downlights + wall-washers, middle
dif+dl+ww_r	direct/indirect fluorescents + downlights + wall-washers, right
dif+ww_l	direct/indirect fluorescents + wall-washers, left
dif+ww_m	direct/indirect fluorescents + wall-washers, middle
dif+ww_r	direct/indirect fluorescents + wall-washers, right
dif_l		direct/indirect fluorescents, left
dif_m		direct/indirect fluorescents, middle
dif_r		direct/indirect fluorescents, right
dl_l		downlights, left
dl_m		downlights, middle
dl_r		downlights, right
if+dl+ww_l	indirect fluorescents + downlights + wall-washers, left
if+dl+ww_m	indirect fluorescents + downlights + wall-washers, middle
if+dl+ww_r	indirect fluorescents + downlights + wall-washers, right
if+dl_l		indirect fluorescents + downlights, left
if+dl_m		indirect fluorescents + downlights, middle
if+dl_r		indirect fluorescents + downlights, right
if+ww_l		indirect fluorescents + wall-washers, left
if+ww_m		indirect fluorescents + wall-washers, middle
if+ww_r		indirect fluorescents + wall-washers, right
if_l		indirect fluorescents, left
if_m		indirect fluorescents, middle
if_r		indirect fluorescents, right
ww_l		wall-washers, left
ww_m		wall-washers, middle
ww_r		wall-washers, right