Real and Synthetic Image Comparison and Validation

This web page links to an MGF model of a conference room with four different lighting systems which can be used individually or in combination. Included are luminance images captured with a calibrated camera system called CapCalc, and luminance images computed with the RADIANCE lighting simulation and rendering system.

This data is provided to support researchers in global illumination and rendering who wish to check their algorithms against measured images, and vision researchers who want a calibrated model for their studies.

The measurements and models were generated at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) from a conference room there. This work was undertaken by Holly Rushmeier, Greg Ward, Christine Piatko, Phil Sanders and Bert Rust, and is the subject of a paper entitled "Comparing Real and Synthetic Images: Some Ideas about Metrics" presented at the 1995 Eurographics Workshop on Rendering in Dublin, Ireland. (The proceedings are published by Springer-Verlag.)

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