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Currently, there are two versions of Desktop Radiance available for downloading: Version 1.02 and Version 2.0 Beta. Version 2.0 Beta includes corrections to 2.01 bugs, as well as new features, mainly editors for user-defined materials, glazings, furniture and electric lighting luminaires. However, the new features have not been tested extensively.
In the absence of a funded activity, support will be provided through the Desktop Radiance Yahoo Group

Software Requirements

Windows 95, Window 98, Windows NT (Service Pack 3 or greater), or Windows 2000. AutoCAD R14 or AutoCAD 2000 is required to access all of the features of Desktop Radiance. It is advised that AutoCAD R14 or 2000 be installed on your computer before installing Desktop Radiance, however you can install Desktop Radiance without AutoCAD R14 or 2000 if you wish to use the non-AutoCAD related features such as running simulations, editing materials, browsing the library of materials and performing image analyses.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum: Pentium 90 with 32MB RAM and 100MB of free disk space. 13" RGB Color monitor with 8-bit color display at 800 by 600 resolution.

Recommended: Pentium 200 or better with 48MB RAM or more, 150MB of free disk space, plus 20-30MB as working space for each project. 17" or larger RGB color monitor with 24-bit color display at 1024 by 768 resolution or greater.

Known Incompatibilities

Desktop Radiance 1.02 and 2.0 Beta do not work with Architectural Desktop that is based on AutoCAD 2000. (Architectural Desktop installed as a plug-in to AutoCAD R14.1 does work.) Furthermore, Desktop Radiance projects created with BETA-1, BETA-2, and BETA-3 are not compatible with Version 1.0 and should be removed. Upgrading from Desktop Radiance 1.02 to 2.0 Beta is allowed.

Due to limited resources and funding, Desktop Radiance has only been tested with Autocad r14 and 2000.

Desktop Radiance has not been thoroughly tested with the varients of AutoCAD on the different windows operating systems. Desktop Radiance may or may not work with AutoCAD LT, 2000i, 2002, depending on the OS, and certain functions may be disabled. For more information, please read the README document.

The download consists of a self-extracting .ZIP archive containing all of the files needed to install Desktop Radiance. The size of the archive is 54.7MB for Version 1.02 which can take up to 10 hours to download with a 28.8Kb modem connection. (On a T1 connection, the archive can be downloaded in approximately 2 minutes). The size of the archive is 72MB for Version 2.0 Beta which can take up to 13 hours to download with a 28.8Kb modem connection. (On a T1 connection, the archive can be downloaded in approximately 3 minutes).

After accepting the terms of the license agreement, a registration confirmation message will be sent to the e-mail address you provide.  The confirmation message will contain the password that you will use to open the installation archive.  If there is a problem obtaining the registration confirmation notice and/or opening the downloaded archive file, please contact our support staff.

Download Desktop Radiance 1.02
Download Desktop Radiance 2.0 Beta

Patches, documentations

Last updated October 28 2002

Glare calculations: If you are using Drad 1.02, want to keep using Drad 1.02, but want to have the new versions of the glare programs, then please download the following three files and save them into the radiance/bin/ directory. If you are using Drad 2.0, you do not need to download these three files. They are the same as the ones available through the 2.0 installation.

A good way to get started with Desktop Radiance is to print the Installation Instructions and follow this guide for successful installation of the software. You may also benefit by going through the Quick-start Tutorial to get familiar with the basic features of Desktop Radiance. The README file contains a list of new features and bug fixes. The User Manual provides a comprehensive look at each of the Desktop Radiance features. For a look "under the hood" of Desktop Radiance and to learn how to create skylights, blinds, and custom luminaires, the Desktop Radiance Overview is an excellent resource. All of these files are included in the main download archive above, on the help page of the web site, and on the CD-ROM.

Installation Guide
Quick-start Tutorial
Desktop Radiance 2.0 Beta User Manual
Desktop Radiance Overview
If you are missing, download it here and save it in the radiance/lib/ directory.

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